Marula Jewellery is a contemporary jewellery brand founded by Maja Brkovic.

Born in Serbia in 1987 she would go on to spend part of her childhood in Botswana and South Africa, where this experience enhanced her interest in tribal cultures, along with their array of differing art and jewellery. The very name Marula is influenced by her stay being named after a well-known indigenous tree to this region.

Later she would study Applied Painting and graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts at University of Belgrade, Serbia (2011).

She continued her education by completing summer session on Ancient Egyptian Civilization at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA (2013) and by obtaining graduate gemologist diploma from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in London, UK (2015) where she officially stepped into the world of precious stones and metals.

Her artistic narrative comes from combination of Brutalist Architecture and African pattern design. She is inspired by works of CY Twombly, Mark Rothko, Brancusi, as well as Dada, Bauhaus and Neo-Brutalism. Focusing on Contemporary art and Ancient Civilizations gave her direction to combine these bold shapes with patterns, colours and symbols that carry their tradition through time. She is trying to synthesize different cultural and artistic influences, transcribing and incorporating them into pieces that are following lines of a body.

By collaborating with Italian artisans from Vicenza, she launched her first collection in 2018 and created Marula Jewellery House, based in Milan, Italy.